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Sunday, 15 December 2019

DOWASCO wants the general public to do their best to conserve water as reports state than a dryer than normal dry season is to occur this year.

“This is something for which we have to gear up in Dominica. We are going to have an extended dry spell because of the El Nino effect so our advice to our customers is to find a way to store some water and conserve,” says DOWASCO’s Manager, Bernard Etinoffe.

“We felt the impact of TS Erika and that should have taught us a lesson about climate change; we have some extended dry spells and heavy rainfall for short periods. So this is not business as usual. This is something which we have to manage and live with. We are advising people to always have some water in storage.” 

He also asked the general public to continue to be patient with DOWASCO during these times.

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