Minister for Youth Calls on Young People to Take Advantage of Opportunities

Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, Hon. Justina Charles has advised Dominica’s young people to take advantage of the many opportunities that the Government of Dominica has made available.

Hon. Charles spoke about the differences between the many prospects being offered by the government right now that were not available in times past.

At a recent appreciation ceremony she told the scores of young people to “Embrace every opportunity that is there for you. “I always say at youth functions that never before did we have opportunities that are now available.  Our young persons are very fortunate and so you need to [welcome] those opportunities.”

The minister implored the youth to focus on their education and to be role models for future generations.

“When you have received assistance to attend school, make the best of it. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted by what you see or by what you hear.  You will only fall into the cracks and along the wayside, then later will be too late. You will then regret what has happened.  I think its best that people laugh at you now and in the end talk and say if only I had followed him/her I would have been different.  Be a role model out there.”

Efforts continue to be made by the Government to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness in basic education, by enhancing the learning environment at primary and secondary schools, upgrading institutional framework and improving teacher quality.  Government has also put apprenticeship programs in place to assist in the transitioning phase from school to career.