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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The first Dominican to ever achieve 11 CXC grade ones told GIS News on Friday morning that he wouldn’t have attempted eleven subjects if he wasn’t confident that he was able to earn ones in all of them.

Cornell Jno Baptiste said that he is ecstatic that he has made history but not surprised by his grades.

“I feel ecstatic about it. I expected [eleven ones] but when it was emphasised that I made history, it really struck me and I felt even happier about it.”

Cornell felt that the hardest part was waiting for the results and he’s just thankful that the delay is over.

“I was relieved because I was waiting for the results for a very long time. I stayed up three nights waiting and when I finally got them I felt relieved and happy.”

June Jno Baptiste is Cornell’s mother and she says she’s not surprised by her son’s performance either.

“I was overjoyed when I heard the news. I wasn’t surprised because I know his ability and I knew what his goals were and he achieved it. Every time he came home after the exam, I asked him how the exam went and he would tell me that it was good. I would ask whether he had any problems with any particular questions and he would say no, so I was very comfortable that he would achieve his goals.”

She says Cornell comprehends well and is able to retain what he learns. She also says that her son’s routine involved 1:00 am study sessions a few nights before the tests. June believes Cornell has a bit of an advantage since she is a teacher and is able to motivate and coach him.

Needless to say, she is overwhelmed by her son’s history-making achievement.

“I’m very proud. Cornell is a patriotic Dominican. He has already said that he doesn’t want to work overseas. That might change but that’s what he has in mind for now. I’m very happy that he has made his country, his family, his church and his community proud.”

Cornell says his determination is the main cause of him securing twelve ones - eleven this year and one from 2011.

The best advice he could give to other students is to remain focused on the task at hand.

“You have to take away all distractions- especially social media. You wouldn’t say you’re addicted but you probably are. [Social media] is really taking its toll on the youth today. Also, you must be close to your God and pray every night. The Bible says that we should ask to receive. Plus you must be focused on what you have to do.” 

Cornell told GIS that now that this is over, it’s back to playing sports and watching the premier league until college begins for him in September. 

The Manchester United fan plans to major in biology, chemistry and math at the Dominica State College since his aim is to become an orthopaedic surgeon.


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