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Thursday, 02 April 2020

The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CDPF) is making significant progress in its efforts to curb the illicit drug trade.  In recent times the Drug Squad Unit of the Police Force has been able to intercept large consignments of drugs through a series of drug busts.

Sergeant John Carbon of the Drug Squad Unit, in an interview with GIS News this week, said in recent times his department has realized many triumphs in intercepting illegal drugs.

“We are making headway. In the last couple of months we can see that the successes are very great and it is because of our determination. We work smarter now with the help of the other agencies.”

The latest operation conducted by members of the Drug Squad, Special Service Unit and the Customs and Excise Division occurred  on Tuesday August 14,2012 in Hillsborough. That operation yielded 40,000 grams of cocaine.

Sergeant John Carbon revealed that three men are now assisting the police with the investigation into that matter.

“We conducted an operation in Hillsborough in the early hours of Tuesday August 14, 2012 and we found and seized forty kilos of cocaine. So far three persons are in police custody and they are now assisting us with the investigations,” Carbon confirmed.

Carbon said Tuesday’s drug bust was the second in less than one week. Just last week local police seized one hundred thousand grams of cocaine during an operation off the coast of Roseau.

“The drug dealers continue to operate and we will try our best to destruct them in their operations. Last week we had a huge haul of cocaine. As long as they continue to do this illegal activity we will do our best to try to minimize that.”

The street value of the cocaine stands at ten thousand US dollars per kilo.

The US Government recently provided the Government of Dominica with two interceptor boats which have been of great assistance to the Drug Squad in fighting the illicit drug trade.

Police is suggesting that most of the cocaine being transshipped to Dominica originate from Central America.

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