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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Government is working to relocate residents occupying properties on the Roseau river bank which may be at risk during heavy rains.

Public Works Minister, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore told GIS news on Monday that the area is prone to flooding and measures have already been taken to communicate with concerned residents to ensure their safety.

The Minister said a few people occupying the area between Ball of Joy and Rose Street who have residential homes and commercial entities have been written to about their possible relocation.

“We have to ensure that we move quickly to ensure that these persons are no longer occupying those properties because what this does is that it interferes with the river bed and narrows the river bed and as a consequence when you have flooding activities the river has a natural tendency to go towards the northern part of the side of the river”.

The Minister said his Ministry is concerned about these resident especially in times of heavy rains and will do all to ensure that they are relocated to safer ground at the soonest possible time.

“We cannot compromise at any time the issue of public safety and to allow a few persons to disregard the rule of law. So we will be working in a very cordial way to ensure that this is done and to restore some degree of security and safety in that area.”

The Minister did not say when exactly the relocation will take place. Ministry of Public Works has however assured those concerned that all efforts will be made to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

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