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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Government will need a total of one hundred and ninety –one thousand E.C ($191,000.00) dollars to go towards cleanup efforts following damage caused by torrential rains on the weekend.

Public Works Minister, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore made that disclosure in an interview with GIS news on Monday.

The damage ranged from rock falls to land slippages and flooding.

According to Minister Blackmoore some of the areas worst affected were Castle Bruce, Good Hope, Petite Soufriere, San Sauveur, Clarke Hall in Layou Valley, Canefield in the vicinity of the airport, Massacre and Campbell.

The Minister confirmed that the Roseau Valley including communities such as Bath Estate, Elmshall, Trafalgar, and Wotten Waven were also affected.

“Most of the areas affected are the same areas where we have outstanding work to be undertaken. The damage thus far by way of an estimate is one hundred and ten thousand dollars E.C ($110,000.00).

In terms of the monies to be spent for the actual cleaning up of the various areas would be one hundred and ninety-one thousand E.C dollars ($191,000.00).”

The Minister disclosed a forty million dollar loan negotiated by Government recently has been secured from the Caribbean Development bank (CDB). Part of that loan will go towards rehabilitation works in communities along the west coast.

Some of those funds will be used to realign the road in Layou which was destroyed by continuous heavy rains. A new bridge in the Clarke Hall area will also be constructed in the community of Layou.

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