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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tarnie Green and Glenda Rabess with average scores of 97% were judged by the Nursing Administration of the Princess Margaret Hospital as being the most outstanding ward aides for the year 2012.

The two individuals along with 20 other outstanding ward aides were recognized at an awards ceremony last Friday at the Public Service Union building.

The awards ceremony, the first of its kind to be held in the history of the hospital administration was held under the theme: A caring attitude making a difference.

Matron of the Princess Margaret Hospital, Letitia Lestrade-Wyke said officers, who in the opinion of the nursing management contributed to making a difference in the lives of patients and clients were recognized.

“A checklist was developed and a rating scale of one to four was applied. The areas of assessment included general work conduct, customer service, and managing work. Each Ward Sister was given the checklist which they used to rate the officers under their supervision. They then submitted the names and completed checklist of the two top officers in their unit. The checklists were reviewed and cross checked. It was unanimously agreed upon by the matron and the department of nurses that all officers who received a rating of 90% and above would be recognized,” explained Wyke.

The Hospital Matron emphasized that the recognition ceremony was geared at motivating the officers.

“In recognizing these officers we believe that this will serve as some form of motivation. This is also to show some appreciation to them for their efforts. We need them to know that we value their contribution in assisting us as nurses in giving quality care to our patients” noted the Matron.

Other ward aides recognized included Jefferson Antoine, Julia Thomas, Simon Gage, Philbert Fritz, Joselle Davis, Gloria Laud, Vern Esprit, Yolanda Christian, Alex Frampton, Ramona Vigilante, Josette Germaine, Gith Vidal, Karen George, Anita Casimir, Aarolyn Lloyd, Cheryl Lee, Christine Morgan, Vernonique Roberts, Marvlyn Barry and Rosette Ernest.

Special awards were also presented to Hilda Rhyner, Patricia David, Annie Brown and Athenia Harris.

Retired ward aides including Gemma Bethelmie, Christianie Lawrence Joan Ettinoffe and Maureen Fritz received recognition certificates.

Ward Aide Coordinator, Susan Sampson in congratulating the awardees said a proper attitude is a major key in making a difference.  The ward aides were reminded that focusing on caring of people is vital.

“Attitude makes such a difference as to how they carry out their duties and functions,” she said. Sampson impressed upon the ward aides to show interest in their work.

“What interest do you show in your work? Do you come to work and say at the end of the month I will be getting a salary? Do you show interest and zeal in what you are doing on the job?  If you are not doing that you should work on that to make a difference in the workplace.”

Sister Sampson urged the ward aides to perform their duties and urged them to conform to the hospital rules and regulations and be open and receptive to correction.

Past Principal Nursing Officer, Jean Jacob focused a major part of her feature address on the importance of ward aides having positive work attitudes on the job.

“A positive caring attitude demonstrates your interest in the patients despite the way they present themselves to you. It reflects the confidence you have in yourself and your ability to relate to others.  You must remember that no two patients are alike” she said.

She noted further that caring means being sensitive and compassionate and requires empathy and interest.

Having established that attitude influence care, Miss Jacob concluded that a caring attitude is the ward aides vehicle to making a difference in the life of a patient.

The ceremony was attended by Health Minister, Hon. Julius Timothy and other senior officers in the Ministry of Health.

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