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Monday, 26 October 2020

Dominica’s Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit will lead a delegation ofGgovernment officials to the Inaugural Session of the OECS Parliament in Antigua.

The Inaugural Session of the OECS Assembly is to take place at the Parliament Building of Antigua and Barbuda on Friday August 10th 2012.

This milestone event will include such highlights as the inspection of the Guard of Honour by the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda accompanied by the OECS Chairman and the election of the First Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the OECS assembly.

The Inaugural Session of the OECS Assembly will also feature addresses by host Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda, Chairman of the OECS Prime Minister Hon. Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Hon. Reuben Meade, Premier of Montserrat who will address the ceremony on behalf of the Non Independent Member States and an address by a representative of the political opposition in the OECS.

The OECS Assembly will comprise 5 members of the Parliament of each Independent Member State and 3 members from the legislature of each Non-Independent Member State, with representation from both the ruling administration and the political opposition.

Antigua and Barbuda will serve as the headquarters of the OECS Assembly.  However, the OECS Assembly may hold meetings in other member states.

The OECS Assembly, which will meet at least twice per year, is one of 5 principal organs established by The Revised Treaty of Basseterre establishing the OECS Economic Union, and is one of the new organs of the OECS.

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