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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

At a recent press conference Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Matthew Walter declared the month of August as Banana and PlantainField Sanitation Month in lieu of the latest findings of the black Sigatoka disease.

The theme for the month’s observance is “observing good agricultural practices and adhering to cultural practices”.

Within the month of August, the Ministry will initiate several support mechanisms on the holdings of farmers who have adhered to good agricultural and cultural practices.

Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Matthew is appealing to nationals to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to manage the spread of the Black Sigatoka disease which could reduce the production of banana and plantain by forty to 70%.

“To manage this disease, I think that the onus is on all of us to take up the responsibility seriously to ensure that we do all within our powers during the month of August to manage black Sigatoka in our respective fields.  I am making this appeal to every farmer and I am extending it to every Dominican.  It is your business because if we do not do anything to manage it, if we cast a blind eye or deaf ear to this very serious and dangerous disease, we will all suffer the consequences.”

Agriculture officials hope that farmers will adhere to the recommended practices as efforts continue to combat the Black Sigatoka disease.

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