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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

At a recent open forum with Cabinet Ministers in Mauhaut, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore, Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency called on parents to take on the task of raising their children properly.

The Minister stated that parents should be the first teachers before the media has the opportunity to influence their children.

“I think that we have to also assign responsibilities to our parents, the homes, socialization [because] the primary focus has to be parenting.  We have to also understand the evolution that is affecting society.  No society now is a monolithic, it’s not homogeneous but all the social diversions that have been brought about by social media houses are really presenting some element of confusion in the minds of our young people. Therefore the formative years of a child become very critical to its future development starting first with parenting and that is why the government is doing all they can do.”

Hon. Blackmoore further stated that in terms of education, parents should take the initiative and not rely solely upon Government.

“The formative years of a child where education is concerned would have to go to the pre-school level and this is where the Universal Early Childhood Education programme comes into play.  It is for every child irrespective of that child’s social origin.  Government can do everything in its power to upgrade the education system but what government cannot do is come into your homes and teach your children how to do homework.  That’s the responsibility of the parents.”

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