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Monday, 10 August 2020

In addition to the tourism sector indicating growth, small businesses on the island are also expanding- this according to Minister for Tourism, Hon. Ian Douglas.

Hon Douglas while speaking to GIS news also said that Government has recognised the need to inject even more resources into the small business sector.

“More than a thousand persons have been allowed to set up their own businesses through the Small Business Support Unit. We have noticed that those proprietors have graduated to the next level where they want to expand. They have now gone outside the ambit of small business so they need more capital.”

Hon. Douglas said that Government now has to keep up with those expansions.

“ We have placed another ten million dollars at the National Bank of Dominica on lend to the National Development Foundation of Dominica so that the young persons who have started off their businesses because of the help they have received from the Small Business Support Unit can access more funds through the [National Development Foundation of Dominica.]”

Prime Minister Hon Roosevelt Skerrit in his 2012/2013 budget presentation last week, said the surest way to generate employment and reduce poverty is by encouraging small businesses.

Since the establishment of the Small Business Support Unit in 2008, about sixteen hundred jobs have been created and sustained.

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