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Monday, 10 August 2020

The Sports Division continues to collaborate with members of the wider public service in engaging in healthy sport geared at reducing the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD’S) on the island.

The Sports Division has been spearheading an initiative of Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit to allow public servants to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Senior Sports Officer, Yeudi John says the initiative by the Prime Minister is a welcome one.

“We are aware of CNCD’s which is chronic in the Caribbean. We in Dominica are trying to do all the mitigation that is necessary to reduce the effects and occurrences of these CNCD’s and so physical activity is a champion cause. The initiative of the Prime Minister to designate one hour a week for public servants to go the stadium and do some physical activity is tremendous.”

John says apart from this initiative, the Sports Division is also focused on several other sporting activities involving public officers.

“The Sports Division also provides the opportunities for persons to be engaged in physical activity by way of indoor and outdoor games. Those activities will definitely increase productivity within the public service.”

John confirms that officers of the Sports Division have been working with public officers in creating relaxation activities in the workplace geared at stimulating the minds of public officer in an effort to increase productivity.

“The socialization aspect of it is another activity where you get rejuvenated. We have people working together which will foster teamwork within departments and external departments of the public service. We know for a fact that these types of activities will help create productivity,” he explained.

The Sports Division is advocating that regular participation in both indoor and outdoor team games has major health benefits.

“Regular sporting activity can bring about significant improvement to the physical fitness of individuals and is desirable for a change from the daily work routine,” John concluded.

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