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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut Constituency, Lady Catherine Daniel is on a drive to improve the lives of her constituents.

On Thursday July 9th, GIS News was on site when the Parliamentary Representative donated cheques to the village councils of Colihaut and Dublanc which amounting to $125,000.

Hon Daniel reminded constituents and the councils of her focuses as Parliamentary Representative is the empowerment of her constituents.

The $75,000 cheque is to go towards the rehabilitation of the Colihaut Bayfront Road and the renovation of the La Place Dame washroom facility.

Some of those funds will also assist the local fishing group and go towards housing projects.

Hon. Daniel says it is her goal that these projects will result in job opportunities as well.

“In this case when there is a project available, one set of persons will work on that project and when there is another project we can get a different set of persons to work on the project so that the money can circulate among the people of the community and then there is greater distribution for the greater good,” she shared.

Chairman of the Colihaut Village Council, Najini George accepted the check on behalf of the council.

“We would like to thank the Government of Dominica and our Parliamentary Representative for making yet another check available to us. We received a cheque just two months aback of $60,000 and here is it again that we are receiving another cheque of $75,000. Thank you so much.”

Similarly in the village of Dublanc a donation of $50,000 was made to the Dublanc Village Council also for housing and a boost to the local fishing industry.

According to Hon. Daniel, “Dublanc is a community with a vibrant fishing industry and that is one of the industries on which we would like to work very hard. We want to see the fishermen become self-sufficient; when they are provided with the resources to develop their industry it becomes a sector that can generate income and positively impact the lives of constituents.

Clerk of the Council, Rosemary Riviere accepted the check.

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