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Thursday, 09 July 2020

A plumbling programme is hoped to empower young people in the Grand Bay Constituency.

The programme was launched in Grandbay on Thursday July 2nd by the Youth Development Division.

Funding for the programme is made possible through the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment, headed by the Hon. Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency, Justina Charles.

 It’s a two-fold programme, primarily to teach 10 young people the theory of plumbing after which they will undertake the plumbing work at washroom facilities that will be constructed in Grand Bay funded through the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment.

“The Government of Dominica normally makes money available to the constituencies. As the Minister responsible for Community Empowerment, $2m was sent to my Ministry to be disbursed throughout the constituencies. Out of that, the Parliamentary Representatives decide how that money is utilized based on submitted plans. They are sent to the Ministry of Finance.

“I just thought that based on the level of unemployment among young people in Grand Bay- and that’s a global concern, youth unemployment- one of the things we could do is empower our people.”

Minister Charles explained that that money could be used for any project in any format.

“For me, I recognize that plumbing and electrical wiring are some deficient areas in the constituency and we need people who are skilled,” she explained.

Seven washrooms will be constructed with $76,000 from the funds and $29,000 will go towards the plumbing programme.

“We cannot employ everybody. Sometimes I walk on the street and young men tell me, ‘Nurse, I want a job.” This is an opportunity for you to get yourself jobs.”

The Hon. Parliamentary Representative hopes that with the success of the programme, other modules such as electrical wiring and culinary arts can be made available through the Ministry.

Jimmy Haguy, one of the trainees is looking forward to learning the skill.

He says, “I did the construction training from which I learned a lot. I learned how t lay blocks, bend and tie steel. At the end of the day, I can do something for myself. I’m hoping that at the end of it, I will get my certificate and graduate. I would have accomplished a mission.”

The programme will last for three months.

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