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Monday, 10 August 2020

Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph constituency, Hon. Kelver Darroux is very satisfied with plans to implement a programme which will empower single mothers in his community.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit announced in the 2012/2013 National Budget that two such programmes will be established to help the unemployed and welfare-dependent to contribute to the national economy.

Hon. Darroux believes that the programme will yield positive results.

“Within the budget, a pilot project has been implemented for the community of St. Joseph where we will see women, single mothers and young people provided with opportunities for employment. Women will be given a role to play as well. They will have to attend Parent Teacher Association meetings in the best interest of their children and they will have to ensure that their children are healthy. The target is to make people independent,” he said.

Hon. Darroux also expressed his gratitude that his community was chosen to benefit from the programme saying that progress will be made in St. Joseph.

“I think it is something that is much needed- simply because St. Joseph is a community with a lot of young people and a number of single mothers. The reality is that the government meets its challenges head-on and I believe that the Government has met expectations and moving forward we will see progress being made in St. Joseph. I really want to thank the Government for establishing this programme in my community and ensuring that at the end of the day, the standard of living in the area will be moved to the next level.”

Meanwhile Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce constituency, Hon. Johnson Drigo is excited about the provisions made in the budget for the island’s farmers.

According to the Hon. Drigo, the loans available for interested persons to purchase shipping vessels will improve the lives of his constituents greatly.

“We live an area of predominantly small farmers. Their livelihoods are dependent on ginger, potatoes, yams and dasheens. They are working very hard and Government is preparing to assist those farmers.  One problem that we face in Dominica is that we lack the ability to get our produce out of the island. We face the issue of the availability of vessels and Government is investing a lot of money in assisting persons with [acquiring] vessels so that they can get their produce to other islands. “

Hon. Drigo noted that funds available for small business owners will mean relief for proprietors in his constituency.

Hon. Drigo spoke passionately of the infrastructural works planned for his constituents as well.

“Castle Bruce is one of the communities where we are preparing to construct ten Petro Casa houses. This is going to create employment for young people in particular. We are also going to do about $95,000 in repairs immediately at the Castle Bruce Primary School. We are also preparing for the construction of ten houses funded by the Chinese Government for the persons displaced by the natural disasters last November. Not too long ago the World Bank representatives were in Dominica and we had a field visit to the damaged areas.  Government has identified 43 million dollars for the construction of retaining walls, road slippage and addressing the issues of the major landslides that we experience in the area.”

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