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Monday, 26 October 2020

The Hon. Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Roslyn Paul says Government will continue to strengthen the sector in the new financial year.

In her remarks at the opening ceremony of a three-day training programme in Portsmouth, Hon. Paul highlighted Government’s efforts to create a more enabling environment for business development and enterprise.

She says one example is a rural-based development center pilot project.

“We are starting in three communities,” she explained. “We’re going to use existing resource centres to incubate small businesses; to hold their hands and make them more effective, efficient and independent.”

Hon. Paul added that a Small Business Center initiative also forms part of Government’s endeavors.

“It is a sort of centralized support network for the provision of business-counselling, information management and needs-based education from which you can benefit. We will have at least two centres.”

The Minister listed partners in the National Development Foundation of Dominica and the Dominica State College.

She says the Dominica Labour Party Government is also working towards strengthening partnerships for stimulating new cottage-type industries.

Hon. Paul referenced other initiatives undertaken by the Dominica Labour Party Government.

“We have also planned the scaling up of a hand-holding programme for those enterprises meeting our set criteria that can lead more entrepreneurs to be independent and lucrative. We also have an upcoming research project for updated information on small and medium enterprises in Dominica which will be led by the [Create Caribbean Inc.

“This research will better inform us of the best strategies for improved entrepreneurship.”

Hon. Paul indicated that her Ministry is also looking to boost manufacturing and private sector development in the new financial year.

According to the Hon. Minister, the voice of the people will not go unheard as her Ministry will host consultations with stakeholders; to ensure the implementation of various policies and legislations for development of the sector and to meet the needs of the people.

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