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Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum through the Dominica Meteorological Service has issued a below normal rainfall outlook for the first three months of the hurricane season.

According to a release from CariCOF, the wet season is the period when water reserves are replenished. Coming from a previous wet season of below normal rainfall in some parts of the island and moving into another wet season with the potential to be below normal as well, such an outlook has serious implications for water availability particularly going into the dry season of 2016.

The possibility of drought conditions have been predicted for the Lesser Antilles and some islands such as Antigua and St. Lucia are in long-term and short term drought respectively.

Other new climate products under development by CariCOF suggest that the number of wet days and the number of 7-day wet spells during the June/July/August season is likely to be below normal as well.

With that in mind, the Dominica Meteorological Service is advising the public and relevant sectors to practice conservation measures and to develop drought plans.

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