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Monday, 26 October 2020

Hon. Roslyn Paul, Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development says the Dominica Labour Party Administration recognises the socio-economic benefits of small business and enterprise development to Small Island Developing States like Dominica.

According to Hon. Paul, this is evident by the establishment of the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business.

She says Government is positioning society to sustainable development through various linkages including the development of the national abattoir, coffee processing plant and Cocoa Expansion Programme towards new industries and expanding agriculture.

Hon. Paul highlighted other links.

“There is funding and technical support not only through available sources through our Ministry but at the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD), the Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) and the Agricultural, Industrial and Development Bank, (AID Bank).

“Hotel developments including the upcoming [Kempinski] and the ongoing Cabrits Resort and Spa could absorb some of our products and create new initiatives and opportunities for expanding enterprises in the north. We have other linkages like the Citizenship by Investment Programme which will facilitate these major projects and others and bring foreign direct investment to Dominica,” Minister Paul shared.

The Hon. Minister noted the importance of the sector in the alleviation of poverty and increasing employment.

She emphasized that education and training are important factors for the success of entrepreneurs. 

“Part of our focus is on productivity and competence-building skills,” she continued “ Areas in personal development; technical and business planning and management, and entrepreneurship skills among others,” she listed as examples. This is open to both manufacturing and service firms.” 

She told small business operators that they must update their skills since “The main resource of any successful firm is human resource.”

 The Government of Dominica is partnering with the Dominica State College to implement more training programmes aimed at building greater capacity for enterprise development.

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