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Thursday, 29 October 2020

On Friday, June 5th, Dominica’s sole electricity company DOMLEC, made a donation of $10,000 to the Education Trust Fund, twice the amount of their 2014 contribution.

Addressing the handing over ceremony, General Manager of DOMLEC, Bertilia Leblanc- McKenzie, said the company has always had an interest in education and has been contributing to the Education Trust Fund for over five years.

“DOMLEC has always demonstrated interest in the future of our school-aged children and young people. In that regard, we have been supporting the Education Trust Fund for over five years now but that’s not all we’re doing for the young people of the country.”

McKenzie went on to explain that DOMLEC financially supports “Over 21 students at secondary schools across the island. We are participating in the National Employment Programme. We have seven young people employed with us at this time….DOMLEC is well-known for its summer internship programme which employs on average 35 young persons. So our contribution is known and I pledge that we will continue.”

One student of the Dominica State College is being financially assisted by DOMLEC.

She notes that upon coming into office as General Manager she saw the need to increase the company’s donation to the Fund.

“When I came in last year, we reviewed our annual donations and I was not too pleased with the quantum for the Education Trust Fund. We took it our Donation Committee, they acceded to our request and decided to do $10,000 this year.”

She also pledged that as a corporate entity, DOMLEC will continue to contribute to the development of the nation’s youth.

At the event, Hon. Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Petter Saint Jean, who says that as the need for more assistance to the youth increases, corporate citizens must play a more active role.

He applauds DOMLEC for being among the first to do so.

What we have seen over time and in the recent past, is that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students who have benefitted from the Education Trust Fund. It means therefore that as these numbers increase, there is increasing need for more financial resources. That is where corporate citizens like DOMLEC fit in the scheme of things. In that regard, I want to express our profound gratitude to DOMLEC.”

He said to the General Manager, “We recognize the effort which you are making in ensuring that our Dominican youth is given an equal opportunity- that every young person- is given an equal opportunity to access quality education and we really want to commend you for that.”

The Education Minister notes that with the assistance of corporate citizens, every Dominican student can have a chance to succeed.

Chairman of the Education Trust Fund, Willie Fevrier commended DOMLEC for its initiative and continued support of the island’s youth.

He said, “DOMLEC has been one of our major corporate supporters over the years…It’s obvious that DOMLEC is one of the leading companies in Dominica which recognizes the importance of educating our young people.”

To the private sector, the Chairman said, “I’d like to urge other corporate citizens who have not been making contributions to consider doing so because some of the very young people who will be educated through the support from the Education Trust Fund might very well end up working for them.

“At the Education Trust Fund, our mission is to ensure that even the less fortunate in the society can get an opportunity to be at a secondary school and remain in school.”

The Education Trust Fund was established by an Act of Parliament in 1981 to assist disadvantaged Dominican youth who do not have the opportunity to successfully complete secondary school because of their financial situation.

The Education Trust Fund assists parents whose economic situation does not allow for adequate provision of necessary school supplies and fees in which case the Funds assists with these expenses including text books, transportation and examination fees.

The Education Trust Fund will hold its annual radio-thon on June 27.

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