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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) has increased the water storage capacity of Water Area One by over 850,000 gallons in the last three years.

This was confirmed by Hon. Minister for Water Resource Management, Reginald Austrie.

Hon. Austrie told reporters on Wednesday May 20th that over $20m is being spent to upgrade the water network.

“Water Area one is probably one of the most important water systems in the country not only because it stretches from Mero to Castle Comfort and serves some of our major institutions like the hospital, high schools and the capital city. So you can well imagine the volume of water required on a daily basis.

“We realized that we had some difficulties and one of that was water storage. In bad weather, we found that we had a water supply that would last about 2-3 days and we had to increase the storage capacity. That was one of the considerations behind the Morne Bruce tank which holds an additional 500,000 gallons of water. That was constructed at a cost of 4 million dollars. We also have a new tank with a capacity of 250,000 gallons,” Hon. Austrie explained.

General Manager of DOWASCO, Bernard Etinoffe provided the media with further details of the upgrade of Water Area One.

“The project started with a consultancy to determine what needed to be done to upgrade Water Area One. That study was conducted by Morrison & Hershfield, a Canadian firm, and funded by the Caribbean Development Bank to the total of over $1m.

“That study determined that we needed to increase storage capacity, increase treatment facilities, [establish] the leak detection and management programme, move the intake and so forth.

“We took it in phases: the first was to increase storage capacity; 250,000 gallons here in Antrim, 150,000 in Massacre and 500,000 gallons in Morne Bruce- an 850,000 gallon increase. This storage tank was completed about a year ago and has been in use. It is serving the communities very well and people can testify that there is minimal water outage when it rains even for continuous periods of time,” Etinoffe said.

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