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Thursday, 29 October 2020

The National Employment Programme is making its mark on the Soufriere Constituency.

On a recent tour of that area, Parliamentary Representative, Ian Pinard reported that the programme is making life better for his people.

He disclosed just how much the NEP has transformed his constituency.

“Right now we have over 110 persons employed [from this constituency]. We have a few persons employed at businesses in Roseau, we have people at the primary schools, we also have those involved in beautification and the Yes We Care programme.

“When you look at the total monthly bill to the Government for the Soufriere Constituency, it’s over $40,000. This is $40,000 that the previously unemployed were not receiving and they have now.”

In October 2014, Government’s School Feeding Programme was extended to the Soufriere Primary School.

Now, over 50 students have lunch at school three times a week.  

The NEP employs the cooks who ensure that the students are well fed.

“We felt the need to have the school feeding programme because on many occasions students came to school without proper meals; most times the meal would consist of bread and juice and we felt that that was not adequate. Through the NEP, we have a few persons in the kitchen who are very dedicated and they ensure that the children receive their balanced lunches and on time,” so explained Ericson Degallerie, Principal of the Soufriere Primary School.

The NEP is also in the classroom at the Soufriere Primary School. 

Degallarie says having teaching assistants from the programme has brought tremendous benefits to the students.

And in clean up and beautification, the National Employment Programme employs several who keep the community spotless.

Meantime, there are more plans to keep the people of this area employed.  The Parliamentary Representative revealed that soon 60 persons will begin a hospitality training module. 

“The 60 is just a start. After we train them in the business, they will be attached to restaurants and hotels. Because the Soufriere Constituency is a tourism area, we will be using these people. That’s the overall plan; to use the natural resources that we have to create employment for the constituency.”

The NEP was initiated by Hon. Prime Minister Skerrit in 2013. 

To-date over 1,400 persons are employed through this programme.

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