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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that on July 9th 2012, contracts will be signed for a new water system that will supply the communities of Bense, Anse de Mai and Anse Soldat.

He was speaking to residents at the 2012 reunion launch this past Sunday.

The Prime Minister noted that he is cognizant of the community’s needs.

“I recognize that the most important project in Bense, Anse de mai, Anse Soldat is the completion of the water project.  On July 9th, the Cabinet and myself will be back here with you to speak about how we can work together, [to find out] the plans and programs you would like to[indicate] to the Government for consideration in advancing development of Bense, Anse de mai and Anse Soldat.  I will say to you that on that day we shall sign the contracts to begin work on the water project in Bense, Anse de mai and Anse Soldat.”

The Prime Minister also made reference to land issues within the community.

“I know that you have been having some land issues, rest assured that we will find ways of [dealing with] those land issues in the interest of all the residents of Bense, Anse de mai and Anse Soldat.”

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