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Monday, 28 September 2020

Prime Minister Skerrit challenges the Ministry of Education to instate a Universal Early Childhood Education Programme here in Dominica.

At a recent pre-school graduation ceremony the Prime Minister says he is committed to the education of the country’s children and to the reformation of the ‘No Child Left Behind’ policy.

“While we’ve achieved Universal Primary and Secondary education and we’re moving very speedily to achieving universal access to tertiary education, I believe we have made an error as a country and as a world. In most parts of the world there is no universal access to early childhood education. I have challenged the Ministry of Education that we should seek to implement this programme to ensure that those students who cannot make it to pre-school, whose parents may not have the [funds] on a monthly basis to pay to the school, the Government of Dominica shall meet that cost to ensure that every single child of preschool age attends a pre-school in Dominica. I believe that if we can achieve that notwithstanding all the great things the Government has done in the last twelve years in office, I believe that would be one of the greatest achievements of this government that I have had the pleasure of leading at this time because for me personally, education is critical.”

Over the past few years, Government has made significant strides towards improving the education system in Dominica.

Many students now have access to the school transfer grant which covers text books and uniforms.  Government has also implemented the school feeding program and to date approximately twenty-nine schools are part of that program. Government is also assisting students with transportation to and from school on a daily basis.



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