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Monday, 28 September 2020

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has reaffirmed his Government’s commitment to early childhood education.

During the Testimonial Pre-school graduation the Prime Minister stated that early childhood is a time of constant discovery, learning, and growth and every child has the right to an environment that is favorable to learning.

“I wanted to be here with you this afternoon because I believe that Early Childhood Education is the most important aspect of education in an education system.  This is why the Government has placed emphasis on Early Childhood education with the setting up of the council and also putting regulations in place to improving the standards, ensuring our teachers are trained and that the facilities are adequate and conducive to learning.”

The Prime Minister expressed to the parents that it is important for children to receive the educational guidance that urges them to explore and interact within their environment as they develop socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally.

“I am also here to urge you parents to continue to play a part in your children’s education.  We cannot leave our children’s education to what we call the Ministry of Education or the school teachers.  Every parent must play their part. Quite a few parents these days use the excuse that they do not know the Mathematics of today and the Science of today and so forth.  You do not have to know anything in terms of being able to read or write to help your children do well at school.  By merely coming to the school, by merely [attending] PTA [meetings] and asking your children how was school today and sitting with them while they do their homework your are making a tremendous contribution to your child’s education. Now you cannot be absent at age two and at age twelve and when your children [grow] to age twenty-two and they’ve taken a very different path in life ask yourself what has happened.  It happens because in most cases we do not play our part in the education of our children. “

He stated further that creating a solid foundation from the onset is imperative.

“The background in Psychology tells you that this is the formative or foundation yeas of our children and if our children do not get a very good head start at this age they will find it very difficult when they get to Primary and Secondary School so it’s important to place in them that solid foundation.”

The Testimonial Pre-School is located in Paix Bouche and serves the communities of Thibaud and Dos Dane.

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