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Monday, 28 September 2020

Government anticipates the execution of a new venture designed to further improve the effectiveness of the public service.

Hon. Ambrose George, Minister for Information, Telecommunication and Constituency Empowerment at the launch of Public Service Day last week, spoke of an ‘e-government for regional integration’ project which will soon be realised. He described the venture further.

“The creation of this enabling environment allows government to main fully utilise public officers and all developing partners both locally and regionally. This kind of partnership is paramount and is increasingly recognized as necessary for transparent, equitable, sustainable, connected and an inclusive public administration.”

Minister George explained the purpose of the ‘e-government for regional integration’ project.

“At a regional level we look forward to the implementation of the e-government for regional integration project which aims to promote efficiency, quality and transparency of public service while at the same time achieves economies of scale; to strengthen and harmonize government’s processes, structures and legal frameworks; to provide an enabling environment in the context of global competitiveness.”

The telecommunications minister also said that through this environment, the public service and other developmental partners- both locally and abroad will be able to meaningfully contribute to equitable public administration.


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