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Friday, 18 January 2019

The launch of Dominica’s Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy has been identified as a landmark achievement for the country’s Minister for Environment Hon. Dr.Kenneth Darroux.

The Minister during an end of year Christmas message said the strategy which was has been supported by the Cabinet of Dominica is essentially Dominica’s pathway towards a green economy.

“This document outlines how we intend to fight Climate Change by pursuing Low-Carbon/Climate Resilient strategies by developing and harnessing our natural resources, whilst at the same time, developing our resilience to the risks and threats posed by Climate Change. I am pleased to announce that this strategy has been endorsed by Cabinet and by both the Climate Investment Fund and the World Bank and already US $40m have been committed towards the implementation of projects identified within the priority areas and we look forward to the drawing down of these funds in the coming year” he noted.

The Minster said work is now ongoing in the area of modernizing, harmonizing and strengthening Dominica’s environmental and other legislation in an effort to ensure the sustainable use of Dominica’s natural resources.

The Minister told the nation that in spite of being a small island developing state Dominica continues to demonstrate strong leadership and earn the respect of the regional and international community in the area of climate change.

The Minister reminded the nation that back in October Dominica made significant strides in the implementation of its national land use policy and plan.

“October of this year also saw the approval of funds for the development and implementation of the much awaited and much needed National Land Use Policy and National Physical Development Plan. This project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and should see the development of an explicit policy and physical development framework conducive to long term socio-economic management of our island’s environment and natural resources including improved regulation of land development” he added.

The Minister also revealed that a Geospatial data management workshop held in August this year also saw the formation of a Dominica open source geospatial management platform or Geonode.  He confirmed that “this will allow for greater sharing of geospatial data which will enhance decision making at all levels especially in areas of disaster risk management, land use and climate change”.

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