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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Hon. Dr. Colin McIntyre is assuring constituents of the Roseau Valley that come 2013 he will continue to look after their needs.

The Parliamentary Representative says employment creation and infrastructural development will continue to be a priority for him.

“In the Roseau Valley for example we are looking the geothermal project which shows a lot of promise, the potential is there for sure and we are going in terms or harnessing and getting energy for our people.  Job creation and employment are important for us as a government and we can no longer do things normal, we have to do things different.  When I say normal, I mean what is already accustomed.  We are now looking at new ways of doing business.  We have seen our roadway development in the Roseau Valley in terms of lifting the Roseau Valley and even recently continuing on our promises for the people in terms of the roads in Morne Prosper, Shawford and the entire Roseau Valley.”

The Parliamentary Representative is encouraged by Government’s ongoing efforts to create the enabling environment to make life more comfortable for Dominicans.

We are particularly concerned with creating an enabling environment for our people in terms of investment.  In spite of the global meltdown, we continue to see folks knocking at our doors, wanting to do things to invest in Dominica.  This is something that is continuously created and through our Invest Dominica, this has happened.   With regard to our Small Business Unit, we are still able to provide assistance to our small businesses and they in turn are creating a form of employment for our people.  Hopefully in the New Year we will look at broadening and doing things differently for our people.  We would like to urge our young entrepreneurs to think outside of the box and let’s do things differently.”

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