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Friday, 14 December 2018

People of the Roseau Valley Constituency have the Government of the Republic of Korea to thank for a gift of agricultural tools and building materials.

The donation costing about US $100,000 was handed over to the Government of Dominica on Tuesday morning.

Hon. Dr. John Collin McIntyre, Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency accepted the donation on behalf of the Government of Dominica.

“There’s no better time than now to receive this gift and this gift as we see here really signals what’s going on in the Roseau Valley.  The Roseau Valley is largely known for Tourism as you know and Agriculture especially in Morne Prosper and the Cochrane area and of course housing which is critical for us in Dominica. Tropical Storm Ophelia left some of the houses in the Roseau Valley area in unpleasant conditions.”

“Our Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit who is also the Minister for Foreign Affairs, when he spoke in reference to assistance from the Republic of Korea, he mentioned to me that we should look at the priority areas of the Roseau Valley and lets gets some help from our friends and put that into the Roseau valley, so we must make some mention of our Prime Minister as he was the one who pushed for this assistance from our Korean friends.”

“In terms of our agriculture in Dominica and the Roseau Valley area, we are making some serious moves right now and the name Korea in terms of your country is going to echo in the Roseau valley because they are here, actually witnessing this handing over ceremony of some the agricultural tools and housing assistance.”

Hon. Reginald Austrie, Minister responsible for Housing and Lands reported that Dominica’s government is committed to continuing the housing programme despite the economic challenges.

The minister also stated that the partnership with the Government of the Republic of Korea is welcomed.

We’ve been criticised for the housing programme but when we go across the country, our pleasure and our joy comes from hearing the number of people who say thanks to the Government for the assistance and support in improving their housing conditions.  We still have a long way to go; it’s not going to happen next year, or within the next two or fives but it is something we intend to continue and as we continue to face the challenges of the economic crisis in the world it’s going to be more and more difficult.  We as a Government, we are committed to continue to enhance, improve and expand our social safety net, our social programmes because we believe that this is one of the things, in this very difficult time, which is going to bring some relief to the people of Dominica.”

Davis Letang is Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands And Housing.

He made these remarks by way of thanks to the Government of the Republic of Korea.

“We all recognise the need for shelter, we know shelter is a very basic human need and therefore every individual at some point in time needs to have proper shelter over his head.  We also want to note too, that your gift is coming at a very opportune time of the year.  It is Christmas and what a better time to give and to share and that is what you have essentially come to help us to do this Christmas, that we are able to share with the people of the Roseau Valley Constituency so we are indeed very happy that you were able to contribute to the advancement of our people in that way.”

“As we know, the Roseau Valley Constituency is noted for its agriculture and its tourism yes, but agriculture, more particularly vegetable gardening, horticulture and so forth and we are hoping that the contribution you are making today will help to enhance the housing conditions as well as improve on the economic life of the people in the Roseau valley constituency so again as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, I’d like to thank your Government for this contribution.”

Counsellor Ji-Min Kim of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea explained that his Government is pleased to be able to share with Dominica.

“My Government is extremely pleased to be able to extend these equipment and materials; much needed assistance to those people in need and at this opportune time, during the Christmas season.  My Government is very happy and pleased to do this.  I hope that these items will contribute to the rehabilitation of the affected areas.   I understand that Tropical Storm Ophelia in 2011 caused significant damage to the country, especially the Roseau Valley area which was affected heavily.  It is our sincere wish that the close, friendly and cooperative ties that exist between our two countries will continue to prosper and strengthen throughout the future and as Counsellor at the Embassy in Santo Domingo I will always do my best to accommodate the needs in cooperation with the Government of Dominica.”

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