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Monday, 21 January 2019

The Tantan/Toucarie/Cottage/Savanne Paille Village Council has received $846,000 to undergo a few projects in the respective communities.

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the cottage constituency, Reginald Austrie handed over three cheques to the new chairman of the council on Friday February 17.

A first amount of $300,000 will go towards, road rehabilitation, refurbishment of a basketball court and rehabilitation of the Lamothe playing field.

A second cheque of $526,000 was presented to the chairman to pursue the war on pit latrines in that part of the country.

Students attending the Dominica State College will also receive support as a third cheque of $20,000 was presented to the village council chairman.

These cheques were handed over at the sixteenth inaugural meeting of the Tantan/Toucarie/Cottage/Savanne Paille Village Council on Friday.

Hon Austrie reminded the communities that these projects could not have been possible were it not for the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

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