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Monday, 21 January 2019

Attorney General, Hon Levi Peter says an amended Act to address public order is on the cards for 2017. He says the Public Order Act in Dominica is not fit for purpose.

Hon Peter was speaking at a Ministry of Justice press briefing last Friday.

“A bill which I am very much hopeful will see its way to Parliament early in 2017 is the Public Order Act…the new Public Order Act is expected to more comprehensively address public order situations and to bring our public order legislation more closely aligned to that of other jurisdictions in the region and internationally,” he said.

The Act will cover “Public meetings, the circumstances in which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created in marches, processions and so forth,” he explained.

Other aspects of public order will also be addressed.

In 2017, several other bills will be addressed, including the Family Bill and Procurement Legislation. 

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