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Friday, 14 December 2018

On Friday December 30, Member of Parliament for the Colihaut constituency, Lady Catherine Daniel, handed over cheques for the funding of several social programmes and projects in her constituency.

These include assistance under the housing revolution, road rehabilitation and fisheries and small business development.

Of an amount of $150,000 geared at improving small businesses, about $75, 000 was allocated to Colihaut, $50,000 to Dublanc and about $24,000 was allocated to Bioche.

About $19,000 went towards housing repairs for two individuals in Bioche while Dublanc received $80, 000 and Colihaut $27, 200.  An additional $12,000 also went towards assisting five established businesses in the constituency.

The Hon. MP explained that funding for these projects was made available through Dominica’s growing and reputable Citizenship by Investment Program.

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