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Friday, 18 January 2019

Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, met with managers of charitable organizations on Thursday to offer Government’s additional assistance to meet some of these organizations’ urgent needs.

The Hon Prime Minister met with the Dominica infirmary, Parents Advocating for the Rights of Children with Disabilities Inclusion in Society (PACIS), House of Hope, Grotto Home for the Homeless, Mahaut Senior Citizens Home, Operation Youth Quake, Northern District Home for the Aged, Chances and Workshop for the Blind.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss with the organizations their challenges and how they believe Government can assist.

After the meeting, the Hon Prime Minister committed to address three major issues.

“One, to provide training for all of the employees of those institutions and the state will underwrite the cost of that training with a view to providing certification to those trainees and I have asked the Minister of Social Services to collaborate with the Dominica State College to produce a module.”

Secondly, the Hon Prime Minister committed to providing direct financial support to address some of the challenges of the facilities.

“Third thing is the recurrent cost.  I know of the challenges sometimes; while the government provides a subvention, sometimes in many instances the subvention is not sufficient,” he said.

He added that support solicited by these facililties from civil society is not always consistent.  He says Government’s intention is to minimize some of these challenges faced by these institutions.

The nation’s leader hopes that if all the organizations work within the stipulated time, they will receive the support they require within a week of the meeting.

Another recommendation of the Prime Minister was that the organizations meet and discuss obtaining insurance as a group. Hon Prime Minister says Government will also assist with financing in obtaining insurance services as a group.

The Hon Minister for Social Services, Lady Catherine Daniel, told GIS news that besides being timely, this meeting brought hope to the organizations which care for the vulnerable persons of society.

“Today’s meeting really showed them the caring nature of the DLP Government through the leadership of the Hon Prime Minister. It was not just a talk but it was really about knowing what is needed to bring greater relief to the residents at the various institutions,” she said.

President of the youngest of the organizations, Parents Advocating for the Rights of Children with Disabilities Inclusion in Society (PACIS), Ainsworth Irish, considered the meeting on Thursday a noble exercise.

Hon Skerrit has additionally further committed to addressing the infrastructural needs of the organizations, as well as increasing subventions and providing additional staff to the facilities.

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