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Friday, 18 January 2019

As the 5th edition of the Waraka Sewinal Festival approaches, organizers have expressed gratitude to the ministry of Kalinago Affairs and by extension, the Government of Dominica for a cash contribution of $15,000 to host the event on Saturday, 17th December.

The Waraka Sewinal Festival is the Atkinson serenade of Christmas celebrations in Dominica. It is an annual event aimed at reviving and promoting the sewinal tradition on the island and attracting visitors to the Kalinago community.

Hon. Minister for Kalinago Affairs, Casius Darroux, stated that Government has always contributed to the development of the community.  Atkinson has, over the years, made a tremendous effort in hosting the Christmas Sewinal Festival.

This year’s theme is ‘Strengthening culture and togetherness through Christmas cheer’.

“We believe from the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs that there is great potential for short-term and long-term economic activities in the beautiful community of Atkinson which will benefit the immediate residents.  As Parliamentary Representative for Salybia constituency, I’m convinced that these events can become a real big national event...” Hon Darroux said.

He commended his constituents for organising these activities and reminded them to care for the less fortunate and vulnerable during their time of festivities.

There will be two components to the festival; the concert which begins at 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and the street party will follow from 11:00 pm until day break.

The first component features the traditional aspect of the Kalinago Territory.  Among the performers are various bands from the Kalinago Territory including the Karifuna Cultural Group, Karina Cultural Group, Tush and Combo.

The second component will be the street party featuring the Swinging Stars, Xtacy Band, Djs and Club DVD Sounds.

Chairperson of the Atkinson Village Council, Leroy Williams, promised a packed festival this year.

“This year promises to be a big event.  We are extending an invitation to the media and also to the locals and patrons from around Dominica to support us in our activities as we pursue to develop and preserve our siwenal culture in the area...,” he said.

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