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Monday, 17 December 2018

The Hon Minister for Fisheries, Johnson Drigo, is advising fisher folk of Dominica to prepare to provide fish for the export market as Dominica’s fishing industry grows.

Last week, at the closing ceremony of the Basic Fisherman Training Course number 39, the minister noted that the fishing industry had grown enough to sustain the local market and the export of fish is becoming the area of focus of the ministry.

The minister urged the young fisher folk completing the training to take developing the business of fishing seriously.

“I want to again remind you that we are not looking at fishing just for local consumption anymore because we’re already meeting our quota; we’re bringing in enough fish for our food security in Dominica.  We are looking at export and we are looking at fishing as a business and you the young people will be an integral part of that – take your business seriously,” he urged.

He says U.S markets are interested in importing fish from Dominica and in order to successfully penetrate these markets, meeting the standards for fish handling, sanitary practices are paramount.

The Hon Minister, expressing his sureness that fisherfolk are able to provide more than enough fish for Dominica says the next obvious step is tapping into export markets.

He remarked that despite criticism and ridicule from naysayers regarding the efforts towards exporting large volumes of fish, he is certain there are investors looking to purchase large quantities of fish from Dominica. 

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