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Monday, 21 January 2019

The Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, in his 2016 Christmas message to the nation expressed hope that all families accomplish the ultimate harmony of love and work to achieve an ideal family life towards a better Dominica.

The nation’s leader considers the gathering of families during Christmas as the ultimate joy of the season.  

The Hon Prime Minister reminded Dominicans that this is also the time when a number of senior citizens appear to be abandoned at a time in their lives when they need family members the most.

He affirmed that one of the wonders of Christmas is the ease with which it brings out the better side of humanity. Christmas is a time when people spontaneously reach out to each other with expressions of goodwill. It is a time to seek out those who have been neglected and in want, to bring some cheer and joy into their lives and remind them that they have not been forgotten.

The Dominica leader reflected on the past year. He maintains that there is much for which to be thankful. Hon Skerrit highlighted the progress in rebuilding some of the critical and vulnerable areas of the island’s infrastructure post Tropical Storm Erika.

Some of the achievements of government are the resettlement of the entire village of Dubique in newly built homes at Centre in Grand Bay.

Another great achievement is Government’s ability to generate the resources needed to partly finance the rebuilding and rehabilitation of Dominica’s infrastructure and to provide support to needy citizens.

As the year draws to an end the nation’s leader shared his plns for the new year.

These include the launching of the pilot health insurance programme for young mothers and their children. He also promised an increase in the pace of construction activity and the opportunity for jobs during the rebuilding of the island.

The nation’s leader calls on Dominicans to be responsible citizens, to be hard working and committed, and to always seek the way of dialogue, compromise and peace as the way of resolving differences.

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