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Saturday, 15 December 2018

The Honourable Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency, Rayburn Blackmoore, has revealed that the Citizenship by Investment Programme has made available over $500,000 towards road rehabilitation in Mahaut, Massacre, Jimmit, Warner, Canefield and Belfast.

During his presentation at the 2016/2017 budget debate the Mahaut MP gave details of work to be undertaken in his constituency.

Honourable Blackmoore outlined ongoing road work at Morne Scope in Mahaut.

“Three months ago I held a public meeting with the wonderful people up there in [Morne Scope] and said that we would do that road for them and some of them said it is not going to happen.

“I am happy that because of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, the people of Morne Scope are saying to me that they are happy they have a brand new road and they can be driven next to their doorsteps. In Fromage, in Massacre, we have just completed some improvement to the road.

“As I speak, we have an additional $90,000 to improve the road to Cana in Massacre. We have done the Jim Avenue in Jimmit for $106k thanks again to the Citizenship by Investment Programme,” the Minister noted.

The Minister went on to list road rehabilitation projects at Warner and Campbell.

He ended his presentation with details of planned road rehabilitation projects for the hilly communities of Belfast and Canefield East.

“We are completing the link road in Warner… When Erika struck a whole section of the road in Curry’s Rest was washed away and there was no vehicular access. As I speak with you we are spending in excess of $400,000 to do a retaining wall, to dredge the river, to improve the road and to build a bridge. Thanks again to the Citizen by Investment Programme.

“As I speak with you, we are spending in excess of $200,000 to build a retaining wall and to improve the road near Campbell. Speaking about Campbell, as we have done in Dubique and Petite Savanne we shall ensure that the people of Campbell are treated with a sense of dignity and to elate their lives. This is because Campbell too is a very vulnerable area.”

He ended his presentation with planned road rehabilitation for the hilly communities of Belfast and Canefield.

“We have the estimate for Upper Belfast. I spoke with somebody up there who said have you forgotten us? I said no. So very soon we shall be addressing two serious roads in Upper Belfast where we shall be spending in excess of $300,000 to improve the road network up there. We, some months ago made some money available to the Urban Council of Canefield to continue road improvement efforts in Canefield East. We have two outstanding roads in Canefield East and very soon we shall be completing those roads.”

The resources from the Citizenship by Investment Programme were identified in the 2015/2016 budget to finance a number of capital projects as well as the recurrent activities.

The amount spent by Government for the year under the Citizenship by Investment Programme was $99m.

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