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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The President’s Charities Foundation Tropical Storm Erika Sub-Committee is close to reaching its US $100,000 target meant to aid the affected families and assist with the reconstruction of the Colihaut and Coulibistrie Primary Schools.

Tropical Storm Erika in 2015 dealt Dominica massive blow with losses of over one billion dollars impacting the lives of nearly all the island’s residents.

The President’s Charities Foundation in an effort to help carry the burden of the losses created the TS Erika Subcommittee.

At the President’s Charities Foundation hosted its 13th Annual Fundraising Dinner on Saturday July 16th.

His Excellency the President Charles Savarin presided over the event.

He listed, “Thanks to the support of Mr. Ron Hartford, Chairman of the Republic Bank of Trinidad who spearheaded the fundraising effort in Trinidad on the urging of Mr. Julius Corbette, General Manager of the AID Bank; the St. George’s Dominica Lodge on the urgings of Mr. Hilkiah Lavinier; Range Developments; the Boston for Dominica Committee; the Eastern Caribbean Metal industries of St. Vincent; Chronax Rabo Ltd of England on the urgings of Mr Antoine Raffoul; the contributions of some local donors such as the AID Bank, HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd, FLOW, Mr Duncan Stowe and Mr Antoine Raffoul and family, we have been able to raise $176,492 of the $270,000 target which we had set ourselves.”

On Monday, July 18th, the President’s Charities Foundation presented the Ministry of Education with a cheque of $60,000 for the development of a multi-purpose hard court at the Coulibistrie Primary School.

A donation of 58 gallons of paint were donated for the Colihaut School and 65 desks and chairs for students, five desks and chairs for teachers and cupboards  were ordered. The doors and windows of the school will be replaced compliments the foundation.

The President revealed that after renovation of both schools, the remaining funds will be focused on the Grotto Home for the Homeless and the Operation Youth Quake.

“It stands to reason that there is more that needs to be done at the Grotto Home and the Operation Youth Quake than available funds would have us do. This is a not too subtle appeal to you to assist us to aid those two charitable organisations in whatever way you are able.”

The President’s Charities Foundation usually raises funds in support of about 17 charities on the island.

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