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Sunday, 16 December 2018

As consultations continue for the development of a National Physical Development Plan for Dominica, the Hon Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Investment, Dr John Colin McIntyre addressed a group comprising bankers, insurers, architects, engineers, surveyors and real estate agents on Wednesday, January 27th.

“The national physical development plan will provide Government with a comprehensive planning framework for informed decision-making and effective coordination of development programmes and projects,” he said.

“Donor agencies and financial institutions will be guided by a comprehensive spatial development strategy, project profiles and an implementation plan. Investors and developers will have an increased level of confidence from this plan to make strategic land use and investment decisions. The plan will assist us in effectively managing and protecting the integrity of biodiversity and natural resources.”

The environment and the tourism sector, social sustainability and investment are the overarching factors to be considered as stakeholders contribute to this plan.

A number of other factors such as climate change resilience will also be considered.

Senior Project Coordinator, Annie Edwards explains that the need for a physical development plan arose from the conflict in the use of lands as Dominica transitioned from an agriculture-based economy to tourism.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, the Physical Planning and Tourism departments were all concerned about that because we had cases where, for example, pig farms were located near tourism developments. Although the pig farm may have been there first, the pressure was to move the farm. These conflicting issues were emerging as Dominica transitioned from agriculture-based economy to a more service and tourism based industry,” she revealed.

Today January 27th was the final day of consultations.

Other groups including reconstruction and resettlement committees, the general public in Portsmouth, Marigot and Roseau were met.

The National Physical Development Plan could be forwarded to Cabinet by May 2016.

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