Development Partner Gives 200 Tablets for Education

The Government of Dominica has received 200 tablet computers which it says will go to the children of Dominica.

Apex Capital Partners, an agent for Dominica’s economic citizenship programme, made a donation of new Oysters tablets to Government on Tuesday, January 19th.

Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit welcomed the initiative citing teamwork as a significant part of national development.

“It speaks to their commitment to the country and their willingness to participate in the economic and social development of our country. Their partnering with us to reach out to the students of Dominica and the wider community is critical. Government can never deal with all of the challenges and the needs of our people. We need partnerships, benefactors and well-wishers and Apex has not only expressed this in words but tangibly,” he said.

Yuri Katz made the donation on his company’s behalf.

“I have seen Government’s move towards expanding the availability of information technology and we thought that as a company doing business with Dominica to try to bring not only investors but to make our own contribution to the development of information technology.

“We live in a global world and without this technology, access to that global world would be impossible. We are a global company and we want to encourage globality of the world.”

Hon Skerrit used the opportunity to invite other partners to follow suit and enhance teaching and learning on the island.

Kelver Darroux is the Hon Minister for Telecommunications, Science and Technology.

“We can give you the assurance that these tablets will be put to very good use. In fact, we have just completed the distribution of tablets to every student of the Dominica State College and secondary schools and I can assure you that the programme which we have in place as it relates to the ICT sector of Dominica is a very aggressive one. We want to ensure that all our students have this technology at their fingertips. This tool will help us move the process forward.”

The plan is to create unlimited internet access on school compounds across the island.

Further, Government wants to establish free internet access in even more public places.