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Friday, 14 December 2018

A decision is expected to be taken this week on the way forward for the Trafalgar/Wotten Waven river crossing.

Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit visited the site on Wednesday January 6th where a 90 foot bailey bridge donated by the Government of Jamaica has already been constructed.

The Dominica leader was accompanied by the Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Dr. John Colin McIntyre; Hon. National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore; Hon Public Works Minister, Ian Pinard and engineers in the Ministry of Public Works.

“There’s a suggestion that we should seek another bailey bridge to reach the adjoining road or paving the remaining distance to allow for vehicular traffic,” he said.

The bridge is about eighty feet short of the other side.

The Hon Prime Minister explained that while there is a 110 foot bridge on island, other areas require assistance.

“We have consider all things and see how we can address these issues. There’s a situation in Vauxhall in Melville Hall, we also have to strengthen or replace the existing bridge in Geneva,” he revealed.

The new crossing is expected to make life easier for residents of both communities.

“We have several vendors and hot water spots in this area...They will have another route out of Trafalgar and Wotten.”

The Hon Roseau Valley Mp says the crossing will bring to an end the concerns of residents of the communities especially during inclement weather conditions.

“In the past, every time it rained and flooded, calls came from the constituents that the bridge is flooded and impassable,” Dr. McIntyre said.

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