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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Dominica’s candidate Baroness Patricia Scotland has been elected the new Secretary General to the Commonwealth.

Baroness Scotland emerged top making her the first woman to hold the position.

“Can I just say what a huge privilege and pleasure it is for me to be entrusted with one of the most burdensome but wonderful roles there is in the international world today,” she said in response. “The greatest privilege I have had is to be asked by my country to take on this role.”

Following the morning session of Parliament on Friday, November 27th, Hon. Acting Prime Minister, John Colin McIntyre reacted to the news.

“That’s great news for Dominica. She is experienced, she has vast knowledge and she is exposed so I think it’s good for Dominica because this is an international position…and I’m happy it’s a woman. I’m very happy for that,” he said.

The House of Parliament also paused to express elation over Baroness Scotland’s win.

Alix Boyd-Knights, Hon. Speaker of the house spoke highly of Baroness Scotland and her Dominican heritage. She believes that this is a win for all women, especially women in politics.

Baroness Scotland, in her introductory remarks as the new Commonwealth Secretary General indicated her commitment to tackle the issue of violence against women in the Commonwealth nations.

“I wish to put the women’s agenda very strongly on the table. Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women globally; it is the greatest cause of morbidity in women and girls and it is a disgrace that that is so.

“In the United Kingdom, we work together in partnership, all of us- Government, local authorities, business, charities, third sector, civil society and we managed to reduce domestic violence by 64% and the economic cost of domestic violence by £7.1bn.

“That’s an aspiration that I want for every single country in the Commonwealth. Then, I think, we may have a chance of peace. So I am inviting every single citizen of the Commonwealth to join with us to make that dream not just an aspiration but a reality.”

The Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit had announced his position to stand behind Dominica’s candidate despite talk that Dominica should recall its candidate to allow for one representative from the Caribbean region.

Hon. Dr. McIntyre, Acting Prime Minister said that this win proves that the judgment of Prime Minister Skerrit can be trusted.

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