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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, DBS Radio, is making its contribution to those greatly affected by Tropical Storm Erika.

The Board of Directors of the corporation took a decision to assist three families from Petite Savanne and Coulibistrie.

On Thursday, November 19th a presentation was made to these three families.

Peter Dewhurst represented the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“We decided to make a contribution from our stipend which we receive monthly and the Chairman will also make a donation within the next six months.”

Pius Darroux and the family of Debra Francis both from Petite Savanne each received cheques of $600.

“I have eight kids – six attend school and one has a slight mental problem so this cheque, I will make good use of it,” Darroux said.

The Chairman of the Board, Roosey Mills has taken a decision to make a contribution to Stephen Charles of Coulibistrie of $475 per month for six months.

The Coulibistrie resident shared his story.

“We have four boys who were sleeping across the road in two houses. We rushed over there to wake them up to go to higher ground by a friend. When we got there, we saw the two houses where the children were floating on the road and headed to the sea.

“What was sad was that when the children saw that, they started to cry and call out to me to ask what we were going to do. They knew that everything we had was in the houses. It was very sad to see the two houses and the vehicle floating away. Today, I got this cheque which will be a very good help with the children’s school supplies and to restore my farm.”

[]Stephen Charles accepts cheque from DBS General Manager, Cecil Joseph]

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