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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Hon. Minister for Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology, Kelver Darroux wants parents and those concerned to rest assured that his Ministry along with the Ministry of Education have put mechanisms in place to ensure that tablets being handed out to secondary school students are secure.

The One Tablet Per Child Initiative, promised during the election campaign in 2014 was officially launched at the Pierre Charles Secondary School last Wednesday September 30th.

On Monday October 5th, students from the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School received their tablets and it is expected that over the course of the week more schools will receive their devices.

However, some have raised concerns about the security of the devices. The Hon. Minister says these concerns have already been considered.

“To allay the fears of the general public, whether a child has a tablet or not and wants to go on a site, you cannot prevent that. Let’s not be naïve about this thing. But we also have to be responsible and our responsibility as Government is to ensure that the students have the tools- which we have done. I believe that the two Ministries have to iron out some guidelines for the students and that is being done as we speak. Once that is finalized, we will see improvements,” he stated.

Hon. Darroux said the focus was first on distribution.

“The Ministry of Education already has the system in place so that when the tablets are logged on to the system, we can install the appropriate software which will control the sites which students will visit in the school setting.

Meantime, Principal of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, Shirley Samuel says the students need the devices.

“Some of them already have at home but there are many who can’t afford it. So we are very grateful for the Government’s provision,” she said. “Truly you are making access to education a level playing field.”

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