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Monday, 21 January 2019

Support from friends of Dominica keeps coming in.

Relief supplies arrived from Martinique on Wednesday September 2nd .

GIS News was at the Roseau Fisheries Complex when about 10 speedboats arrived carrying the supplies.

 Hon Minister for Trade, Ian Douglas welcomed the support.

Zephrine Royer told GIS News that the over nine tonnes of goods donated include first aid supplies, water, food and hygiene products.

“When we heard of what happened, people in Martinique started this initiative to bring quick aid. I was on vacation and as soon as I got back and heard, I got involved,” she explained.

Meantime the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations has donated relief supplies to police officers and immediate relatives who were affected by the storm.

The supplies arrived at the Canefield Airport on Wednesday.

The British Virgin Islands Nurses Association also donated relief supplies to the Dominica Nurses Association on Wednesday.

Noelene Levons-Clarke is Vice-President of the BVI Nurses Association.

She reported, “We brought mainly medical supplies, food items, clothing, toiletries and water.”

The team had already divided items for the seven health districts.

“The nurses themselves will also be receiving care packages…because nurses know their communities. They know where the need is greatest.”

Treasurer of the Dominica Nurses Association, Mignon Rolle Shillingford is particularly pleased that the BVI nurses will use their expertise to assist those affected by Tropical Storm Erika.

She said, “They are skilled in dialysis, emergency room and community nursing training. Apart from bringing supplies, they also brought their skills. They will be reporting to the Matron when we leave here to be assigned to the areas of need.”

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