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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Dominica Red Cross is playing its part to rebuild the country.

Following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, the Red Cross has provided damage and needs assessments to the areas that were accessible.

Director-General of the Dominica Red Cross, Kathleen Pinard-Byrne says the work of the organization continues.

“We went out very early to do a visual inspection to ascertain the extent of damage so that we would have some indication as to whether we would need to look to bring in external assistance to cope. Having deemed that that was necessary, we requested the Pan American Disaster Response Unit as well as a good partner of the Red Cross here, the French Red Cross to come in. We have four delegates on island assisting us to draw up a work plan and a disaster response emergency fund appeal.”

With most parts of the country being affected by severe flooding, a water filtration plant arrived from the French Red Cross on Tuesday September 1st to supply affected residents with clean drinking water.

“This mobile plant can provide potable water to 4,500 persons. We had a discussion with DOWASCO to ascertain which areas are likely to have delayed reconnections and the first place which was mentioned was Grand Bay.”

She says it is likely that the plant will be installed there. DOWASCO personnel and Red Cross volunteers are being trained in its use.

The plant will remain available to the Dominica Red Cross and DOWASCO, she confirmed.

At the request of the Hon. Prime Minister, the Red Cross has been paying particular attention to the evacuees from Petite Savanne, where a tremendous loss of life occurred.

She says the Red Cross is looking into more long-term accommodations for the evacuees in the event that they do not wish to return to Petit Savanne. She mentioned talks with USAID and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

To date, the Dominica Red Cross has given out 1,000 bottles for carrying and storing of water; holding five litres each, 840 litres of water, 50 hygiene kits, clothing and food parcels.

The organization is thankful for the many volunteers who have come out to assist in the relief efforts, and asks employers to allow their employees time to assist in the process.

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