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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Labour Party Government is continuing its series of town hall meetings across Dominica. 

On Tuesday August 18th, the third of the series of post-budget discussions titled, Keeping it Real in the Community convened in the Roseau Valley Constituency.

Cabinet met residents to discuss the contents and impact of the 2015/2016 National Budget.

Among the Ministers addressing the people of the Roseau Valley was Minister for Planning and Parliamentary Representative for the area, Dr. John Colin McIntyre.

Hon. McIntyre took a comprehensive look at the budget, exploring the plans for agriculture, trade and tourism, health and others.

He shed light on infrastructure plans saying, “The Wotten Waven to Copthall Road is very important for us. For the first phase, we invested $2.5m. The road starts from the Copthall Bridge right up to Wotten Waven and the plan is to start from the Wotten Waven end and the Copthall end [simultaneously].”

$200,000 will be invested in the Wotten Waven Playing Field “to really bring that field to a certain level where we can have some first class games.”

The Trafalgar Field Playing will also be lit as part of the national lighting programme to facilitate sports and physical activity.

Dr. McIntyre assured that the DLP Administration will keep its promise to complete the main road in Cochrane.

Plans are also on the cards for a Resource Center in Trafalgar.

The Roseau Valley is considered an important point of interest for tourists.

Hon. McIntyre had a word for his constituents in that regard.

“For me, the Roseau Valley is really the most concentrated spot in Dominica for tourist sites. I want us to protect our sites and take advantage of the opportunities and try to look at the service industry related to those sites.”

He spoke highly of Dominican hospitality recommending that service providers “tweak” their service and take it to the “five start level.”

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