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Friday, 14 December 2018

With debate on the 2015/2016 National Budget beginning to wind down, the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit wants Dominicans to again focus on continuing the work that is building the nation.

Hon Skerrit is satisfied that the half billion dollar budget does not jeopardize gains and is achievable.

“The provisions that I have outlined in this Budget address, are consistent with the promises we made to the people and in many respects are a continuation of the work that we have been doing to bring prosperity, justice and peace to all our citizens and residents,” he said to Parliament.

“As I said from the outset, this is a Budget focused on keeping things real in the sight and consciousness of Dominicans. We have responded to the legitimate hopes and expectations of the population. We have not endangered progress made over the last 15 years, nor have we raised expectation levels beyond what is realistic and achievable. Every policy outlined in this Budget has been studied, quantified and can be achieved. They shall be pursued with vigour.”

He continued, “A deliberate attempt was made in this Budget to respond positively to the request of social partners and civil society....I think Dominicans generally understand and appreciate the environment in which we operate and the fact that revenue is limited, based on our relatively small size, and also the need for Dominica to remain competitive in these very challenging economic times.”

Speaking to individuals, he encouraged each to do their share for the greater good.

“At the end of the day, we the Dominicans must always lead the charge for our own development. The question is ‘Where would we like to see Dominica 10, 15 years down the road and what contribution am I prepared to make as an individual to achieve that desired goal?’”

The nation’s leader sees the need for Dominicans to work harder and collaboratively for the island’s advancement.

“Each one of us must be held accountable. If you are a nurse, you have to be the best nurse which the world can produce; if you are a teacher, you must be the best teacher in the world; if you are a farmer, you must be the best farmer; if you are a parliamentarian, you must be the best parliamentarian in the world. We have to work harder in the country and we have to put Dominica first. Too many of us spend time, our resources, energy and talents to tear down this country rather than to build it up.

“If every one of us here and abroad was to start thinking positively about Dominica, doing positive things for Dominica and saying positive things about Dominica, our country would be much further in its advancement,” he appealed.

According to the Hon. Prime Minister, the work continues.

“There are no elections on the immediate horizon,” he said. “Indeed, there will be no general elections in Dominica for at least four years.

“I want as leader of this country to summon citizens and residents alike, to national service. We have four years to build and propel this country to the next level of its development,” he said.

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