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Monday, 21 January 2019

On Thursday July 30th, staff of the United States Navy Ship Comfort ‘Continuing Promise 2015’ reached out to the children at Roseau Public Library.

 Dozens of children who are participating in the public library’s Summer Health Programme were engaged by USNS staff in several different and exciting activities all relating to health.

GIS News spoke with coordinator of this event, US Navy Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain Jay Kersten.

He informed areas being touched on include general hygiene, dental hygiene, general nutrition and reading with the younger children. The USNS Comfort Musical Band was also scheduled to entertain the children

Chaplain Kersten is pleased that their efforts to reach out to communities in Dominica are so far appreciated.

“We have been received by the Dominicans amazingly. They are very gregarious and it’s been a fun time so far.  You received us with open arms.  When we said this is the type of things that we can do, you have really opened up yourselves and said we’ll cooperate with everything and you have given us the opportunity to spread our own wings and show how we can help our neighbors,” he said.

Several other outreach activities have been planned for the next few days, including painting of the grotto home for the homeless and a visit to chances in Jimmit and donation of football gear to two football academies on the island.

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