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Friday, 18 January 2019

The People’s Republic of China continues to make meaningful contribution to the development of Dominica’s youth.

On Wednesday, July 29th 13 nationals were presented admission notices to pursue tertiary education in China, at an awards ceremony of the Chinese Government 2015 Scholarship Programme.

His Excellency LI Jiangning is China’s Ambassador to Dominica.

He encouraged students to be prepared for a complete transition.

“Firstly be prepared for culture shock and other challenges,” he said.  “You will be the Dominica that many Chinese people may have [only heard of] so talk about Dominica to your classmates, teachers and people you meet in China.”

“You can be ambassadors for the two countries and help bring our countries closer,” he added.

According to Ambassador LI, this is an opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Ambassador informed that the scholarship covers comprehensive medical insurance, living expenses, tuition and lodging.

Also in attendance were the Hon. Education and Human Resource Development Minister, Petter Saint Jean; Hon. Foreign Affairs and CARICOM Minister, Francine Baron and Hon. Senator Jahisiah Benoit- a China graduate himself.

Hon. St. Jean spoke to Government’s policy on education, reaffirming the Labour Party Government’s persistence in this sector.

The Hon. Education Minister relayed to China’s Ambassador, Government’s appreciation for his country’s continued assistance in education.

“We do not take this support lightly, because the gift of education comes at a time when it is even more imperative that our citizens be trained and given the necessary skills to function and compete effectively in a changing environment,” Hon. Saint Jean stated.

Hon. St. Jean says this is a clear indication of amicable friendship that exists between Dominica and China.

Meantime, the Hon. Francine Baron described the Dominica/China relations as “genuine friendship.”

She said, “The Dominica/China bilateral relations continues to grow steadily and China remains one of our most significant bilateral partners.”

She continued that China’s contribution to human resource development may not be as visible as infrastructure projects like the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, EO Leblanc Highway, the new DGS or housing projects.

“However, China’s contributions to Dominica’s human resource development is one of the major landmarks of our relations. They seek not only to fulfill Dominica’s capacity-building needs but also to promote people-to-people contact, increase culture exchanges and develop proficiency in a foreign language- that is becoming increasingly important in the international arena.”

Since the two countries established bilateral ties, more than 140 Dominican students have benefitted from the programme and over 1,000 nationals have benefitted from training programmes in China.

In upcoming weeks, Kimone Ferrol, Metsi Didier, Kimeron Lazare, Vilma Lewis, Kezia Augustine, Darron George, Tess Honore, Dr. Shane Mcintyre, Kershel George, Ithoma James, Monique Anthony, Kerchard Guiste and Shanita John will depart the Nature Isle to pursue studies in various disciplines.     

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