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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Discover Dominica Authority is using a Partners cocktail to stimulate increased visitors arrivals and promote the destination.

The cocktail, which is in its third year, will highlight partners of signature events and give them the opportunity to market their products and services.

Guests will receive firsthand knowledge of events such as World Creole Music Festival, Dominica’s Jazz n Creole Festival and Carnival.

Director of Tourism, Colin Piper says the event is hoped to be a fun one.

“We have opened up to activities of the private sector which can benefit the destination by attracting visitors or through promotion of Dominica,” he said. “One of the events is the Nature Island Food Festival which will be happening in July.”

Other stakeholders will include Dive Fest and Vibes 360 Triathlon.

The DDA is also hoping to attract Mercury Beach Party of Martinique to host its event in Dominica.

“It’s a case where upwards of 150 speedboats will come to Dominica and have a beach party for two days. What’s interesting is that wherever the beach party is staged, L’express Des Iles has had to [increase runs] so we look at this as an opportunity for people who want to come.”

He says it’s all geared at generating economic activity for Dominica.

The cocktail takes place at 6pm on June 23rd at the Fort Young Hotel.

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